A Good Childhood

029 - happy children of kıyıköy by Atakan Sevgi

What if every child in the world had a good childhood?  Imagine how wonderful a world it could be.

There are those of us trying to create just that kind of world.  Investing in children is the best investment there is.  We are not alone in these pursuits.  The Association for Childhood Education International, a member of the World Forum Alliance, is promoting a Ten Pillars of A Good Childhood movement as the basis for their Decade for Childhood campaign.

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Here are the Ten Pillars on which they feel we could build good childhoods for your youngest citizens:

  1. Safe and secure places for living and learning and access to health care, clothing, and nutritious food.
  2. Strong families and loving, consistent caregivers.
  3. Social interactions and friendship.
  4. Creative play and physical activity.
  5. Appreciation and stewardship of the natural environment.
  6. Creative expression through music, dance, drama, and other arts.
  7. Education that develops the full capacities of the child — cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and ethical.
  8. Supportive, nurturing, child-friendly communities.
  9. Growing independence and decision making.
  10. Children and youth participating in community life.

None of them are that hard to do individually. Collectively, they will shape our future.  Like all things, tomorrow is reached one step at a time.  Let’s hold hands and start walking…..