Thanks (for) Giving

It is Thanksgiving and all around the country families will be getting together.  Ideally, we will sit around a table groaning from food a-plenty, and share laughter and love with those we hold dear. Parents will role-model for children what it means to care and have gratitude.  Chances are good that these children will grow up to one day role model those types of caring behaviors to their dear ones.

But in many families, holidays are time for conflict, bickering and tears.  Add in too much alcohol and interpersonal tensions, and it is a recipe for disaster.  Children learn that family time is a time when trouble may erupt, and when getting together means it is safer to hide than partake in the festivities.  In homes where domestic violence resides, children give thanks merely when they can survive the day without a physically or emotionally violent episode.

As we gather together, UNICEF gives us a stark reminder about the impact of family violence. Take a minute to check out this youtube on the impact that family violence has on children.

Give your kids a holiday to remember, one that is full of plenty of sweetness – and peace.